Hello. Welcome to my blog where I share my reviews on skincare and beauty products (mostly Korean). I am a skincare enthusiast as I would spend hours on reading reviews and the science behind skincare and beauty products. It can be pretty daunting and confusing, especially for beginners as there are just so much information and new trends emerging in the beauty industry. Besides, your skin changes before you know it!

Therefore, I am very happy to share my thoughts, knowledge, experience and personal view as I try on some skincare and beauty products. I believe everyone is different so I really hope my blog would also inspire you to listen to your own skin as you take care of it both internally and externally. All in all, it should be fun too!

You would also find non-beauty related posts about my other passions which are food (especially baking), lifestyle and travelling. Hope you find them fun reading too!

More about me and my skin:

  • Type: dry, sensitive and acne-prone skin (used to be combination, acne-prone)
  • Age: mid 20s
  • Focus: hydration, acne scars, anti-aging, brightening
  • Shade: N21 to 23
  • Location: currently based in Malaysia
  • Occupation: Pharmacist