Cry Therapy

This is something different with what I would normally share in my blog. As I believe life is more than just physical beauty, I would like to share one of the moments on how I got my spirit lifted and healed from within, especially in this adulting phase.

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Last few weeks were pretty hectic and stressful for me as there were some changes in my work. Things did not go as planned sometimes. In general, I had to deal with new responsibilities as an adult, a leader and… a human being. In the beginning, I think I composed myself well with positive vibes, thinking there are other people who are facing problems far worse than me. I literally gritted my teeth through those challenges, thinking it as something that every adult has to go through and everything will be alright at some point.

Until, one night, I was talking on the phone with my boyfriend like we would normally do and I suddenly broke into streams of tears. He asked me what happened. I tried to assess in my mind but ended up replying, “I don’t know.” I thought I had gone hysterical.

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Instead of talking through the issues and coming out with solutions, he asked me to sob as hard as I want while telling me about cry therapy. Being on a sensitive mode, I was like, “What? CRYOTHERAPY*? That is not about crying”, as I gasped for air due to my blocked nose. He calmly replied and explained a documentary, that, he watched, about people in Japan pay for movie or music sessions to cry and release stress. There would also be a “handsome” man during the session to wipe your tears.

I was intrigued by the concept and went on googling about this therapy the next day and it really does exist. Watch the documentary below to know more.

It is true that we live with expectations, whether it is from ourselves or others. And, there is nothing wrong about improving and becoming a better version of ourselves 💪. It is also not wrong to set a good example with your positivity or to affirm someone that you got everything under control as a grown up. Just that, sometimes, when we are not careful, it will lead us astray from our true identity, value and purpose. Plus, crying does not make you a bad example and it should not be regarded as weak🙅.

So, to all the young adults out there, emotions and stress are there for a reason. It is more about being wise in managing rather than controlling. Cry, when you need to. Get a companion whom you trust to lend you an ear. This would save you some money from going to a cry therapy class 😁

Small wound hurts and needs care and time to heal too, even when it is covered with a fabric plaster… I hope you find this post helpful, whether it speaks to you or you have learned something new today. Do feel free to share in the comments below on how you manage stress and challenges in life. I would love to know too.


Oh and if you are wondering, I felt so much better and had a good night sleep. I did not know letting it all out could be so freeing just on its own. Thanks to my boyfriend, Ken, for being there to listen and pray with me even though I had to wipe my own tears 😂

Have a blessed week ahead everyone! Thank you for reading.

*Cryotherapy is a localised or general pain treatment using very low temperature. It is known to treat cancer or skin problems by dermatologist and has recently gained increased popularity for weight loss.  


One thought on “Cry Therapy

  1. I really like this blog post! so goooooooood!! 😭😭😭 Informative as always but this time, it gives me a sense of understanding of how your relationship with your boyfriend is. I find it really sweet! 😍😍 blessed is a woman who has a boyfriend to cry on. 😀

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