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Top 5 Products for Sensitive Skin

My skin has been quite sensitive for the past few months. It became really irritated if I was out in the sun for too long or after using highly perfumed products. My face would turn into a red tomato 🍅 and I would have acne breakouts at my cheeks area from time to time. Besides focusing on hydration, I was into products that will help to calm my skin and reinforce my skin barrier. So, here are my Top 5 products, both skincare and makeup, that have saved my irritated skin!


#1 Bioderma Sensibio Micelle Solution


I have always been using cleansing tissues and or cleansing balm but due to my sensitive and congested skin, I want to avoid fragrance and something that might clog my pores. So, I decided to try micellar water from Bioderma and Garnier. Although the pink one from Garnier is way much cheaper, it dries my skin out! I had to quickly proceed with my skincare routine. This one from Bioderma, on the other hand, is very gentle on my skin while removes my makeup well as first step cleansing. Besides, I think this is suitable for any skin types. The only thing is that it is pretty expensive so I would only buy it during sales.

Where to buy? Guardian, Watson, Hermo


#2 Dear, Klairs Unscented Supple Preparation Toner


I have got to know this brand by Wishtrend TV and this toner is one of their best selling product. Dear, Klairs initally launched the same toner but with essential oil in it. After receiving feedbacks from customers saying their skin are sensitive towards the essential oil, they developed this toner with the same function and hydration but essential oil-free.


I love it! Although it has a weird chemical smell, this toner heals and hydrates my skin. The consistency is slightly thicker than water. It contains centella asiatica extract, licorice root extract, panthenol, beta-glucan and hyaluronic acid which are great ingredients for acne and hydration. After using for few weeks, I do notice my skin is more supple than before. I got mine from Althea when it was on discount 🙂

Where to buy? WishTrend, Althea, Hermo


#3 Calm Facial Oil by Robert Tisserand


I was into facial oil as fatty acid is one of our skin component. After my visit to my esthetician at Aster Spring, she advised me to add this facial oil into my skincare routine without knowing my thoughts. It contains Sweet almond oil, Jojoba oil and Argan Oil.

Lightweight but moisturising enough.

She asked me to use this after cleanser and before everything else in my PM routine. This method really calms and hydrates my irritated skin a lot in the beginning but after a few uses, I find it a bit heavy and wasting when come to think that my expensive essence is not fully absorbed. However, this is when I know my skin is gaining its hydration back. Yay! As for now, I only use this at the last step of my PM routine, which is, by adding a few drops to my moistuirser. Also, I do this only one or two times a week now, especially when I feel my skin need some calming and moisturising effect. If you have not tried using facial oil, I definitely recommend it, even for oily skin too! Read my previous blog to know more.

Where to buy? Aster Spring outlets


#4 Neogen Day-Light Protection Sun Screen


Neogen products are mostly curated for sensitive skin. This sun screen sits comfortably on my skin while it moisturises and protects my skin from UV damage. It does not cause acne breakouts too which I am very happy. This is probably my favourite sun screen so far which you can read my full review here. 🙂

Where to buy? Jolse, Hermo, StyleKorean, YesStyle


#5 Too Faced Born This Way Foundation

Sorry for the blurriness. My phone camera must be smudged…

You guys know I love my cushion foundation. It is quick and convenient to apply. However, my esthetician advised me to try liquid foundation and apply using fingers as she says the cushion might block my pores. Sigh, I was skeptical but I decided to give this foundation from Too Faced a try as it claims to be oil-free and is suitable for dry and sensitive skin. Although it takes me more time and effort to apply, I notice my skin has slowly improved and there are less acne breakouts now.


It contains coconut water to help replenish the skin’s moisture level, Alpine Rose for brightening and to promote skin’s elasticity, and Hyaluronic Acid for long-lasting hydration. Surprisingly, this is pretty hydrating.


It also gives a natural look (semi-matte) with a medium coverage, got mine in the shade of Vanilla from Sephora. I love its packaging too, chic and high quality. The cons of this product is it does not contain SPF and it is quite expensive. Also, I would recommend to buy this in store to get the best shade for your skin.

Where to buy? Too Faced counters, SephoraMY

P.S. Now that my skin has gotten better, I started using cushion again (they are just too convenient), especially the one from COSRX.

My Final Thoughts

Time heals. So, do not worry. We can be beautiful and confident anyway regardless of our skin condition. Just be wise in what you use and what you eat too! I have cut down on white bread and spicy food, maybe only once or twice a week and I try to avoid fried food and dairy products whenever I can, including chocolates and lattes! 😦

My boyfriend and I are also holding each other accountable to drink at least 2 litres of water a day. It does make some difference to our general health and skin. So, chug on some water now!💦 Other than that, I also stop using blush and contour products.

Lastly, be patient and grateful…

Not because everything is good but because you see the good in everything. You are good! God Bless x ❤️


Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this blog was purchased by my own money and reviews are based on my honest opinions. Some of the links provided are affiliated but you can choose not to use them. I hold full copyrights of the contents and images in this blog unless credited otherwise.



4 thoughts on “Top 5 Products for Sensitive Skin

  1. I’m finishing my current foundation which I love, but I’d like to try out new ones. Will definitely go for a test application at Too Faced counter here!

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      1. Estée Lauder double wear foundation (they have full coverage ones and more sheer/light-weight ones and I love both but prefer the light-weight one in the summer!)

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