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Cushion Foundations Review

As some of you voted in my instastory to see my review on cushion foundations, here you have it! 8 cushion foundations review + swatches 🙂



+ COSRX Clear Fit Blemish Cushion + Cyber Colors Black Label Essence UV Powder Foundation+ IOPE Air Cushion + Laneige BB Cushion Anti-aging + Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control + Moonshot Face Perfection Balm Cushion + NAKEUP Face One Night Cushion + Troiareuke Ascen A+ Cushion

Things I will be reviewing for the cushions
  1. Matte or Dewy
  2. Coverage
  3. Longevity
  4. Sun Protection
  5. Pore minimising
  6. Causes Breakouts

I have compared all 8 cushions in 3 categories: Matte, Semi-Matte and Dewy



From L to R: IOPE Air Cushion N21, Cyber Colors Black Label Powder Foundation 01, COSRX Clear Fit Blemish Cushion N21
Cushion Matte Coverage Longevity Sun Protection Pore Minimising Causes Breakouts
IOPE Medium Longest SPF 50 PA+++ Not good enough No
CC Most matte as it is a powder foundation Light SPF 23 PA++ No No
COSRX High SPF47  PA++ Not bad No

As for the ingredients, CC cushion deserves a plus point because it is made with Japanese herb extracts such as Angelica root, Cordyceps sinensis, Ginseng root and Licorice leaf extract. It is also fragrance free and I kinda like its sleek compact packaging that has a different compartment for the sponge.

Got this as a gift from someone lovely  😉

COSRX cushion on the other hand, contains centella asiatica which I have been raving about. If you haven’t seen my full review for the COSRX cushion, click here. Out of this 3 cushions, I do not like IOPE Cushion the most as it just feels heavy and cakey on my skin!

Where to buy online: IOPE (discontinued)|COSRX|CC



From L to R: Laneige BB cushion Pore Control N21, Laneige BB Cushion Anti-aging N21, Troiareuke Acsen A+ Cushion
Cushion Semi-matte Coverage Longevity Sun Protection Pore minimising Causes Breakouts
Laneige Pore Ctrl Medium All bout the same but this lasts slightly longer SPF 50 PA+++ Good No
Laneige Anti-aging Least matte as it is more moisturising Medium SPF 50 PA+++ Good No
Troiareuke A+ Medium SPF 50 PA+++ Not bad No

In this hot and humid weather in Malaysia, I would say these 3 are my go to cushions for my dry and acne-prone skin. But I think all 3 are suitable for every skin type. Troiareuke is a winner for its ingredients as it claims to be 99% skincare and 1% makeup but it only has one shade available. As you can see, it is a slightly darker compared to Laneige N21 but it still suits my skin tone.

I love all 3 products but if I will have to choose, Laneige Pore Control is the one as it covers my pores better and gives a smooth finish. Plus, Troiareuke cushion is very pricy so I would only repurchase when it is on sales! All 3 cushions give a cooling effect upon application which I like.

I think this mini cushion is so cute! I got this as a sample from a Laneige store after purchasing some of their products. It does not come with a mini mirror tho.




L to R: NAKEUP Face One Night Cushion N21, Moonshot Face Perfection Balm Cushion 201
Cushion Dewy Coverage Longevity Sun Protection Pore minimising Causes Breakouts
NAKEUP Face Most Dewy Light None Good No
Moonshot Light to Medium This one lasts longer SPF 50 PA+++ Good No

These are my go to cushion if I want a dewy, glass skin look. NAKEUP Face has great skincare ingredients but it has a very low coverage, that’s why it claims to make you look like you are not putting any foundation. Click here if you want to read my full review on this cushion. Both cushion are great for dry to combination skin. Both also needs to be set with powder to last longer.

Another favourite dewy cushion of mine is the Innisfree Ampoule Intense Cushion which I liked to use a lot in the UK as it is very moisturising and has high coverage. I can’t show it to you all as I left it in UK :/ but that is also a really great cushion for winter.

Where to buy online: NAKEUP FACE|MOONSHOT

My final thoughts

I think when it comes to cushion foundation, finding the right shade is also another factor. Some cushion has different tint or undertone like pink or yellow. I used to like pink undertone cushions but with my darker complexion now, I would go for yellow or beige undertone more. Overall, it also depends on your skin type, skin targets and personal preference. Hope you find this post helpful and do feel free to ask if you have any questions. Let me know what is your favourite cushion too!

Thank you for reading! 🙂

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Disclaimer: I am not getting paid to write this review. The product mentioned in this blog was purchased by my own money and reviews are based on my honest opinions. Some of the links provided are affiliated. You may or may not use it but if you do, it would help me and my blog. I hold full copyrights of the contents and images in this blog unless credited otherwise.

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