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Bali Travel & Essentials

About a month ago, I went to Bali with my family to attend my sister’s wedding. It is my first time in Bali so I thought it will be good to share my experience and things I loved using throughout the trip.

Bali Travel

#1  Transport


It is quite impossible to travel around Bali by foot or public transport so it is best to rent a car. As for taxis, there is a minimum cap of IDR 30,000 when you book on their app. However, if you hail a random taxi, you pay what is shown on the taxi meter. So, make sure the meter is on before departing. We mostly used Blue Bird Taxi. Also, some taxi drivers might claim they do not have any changes, hoping you would allow them to keep the difference, so do make sure you have some changes on hand.

Grabcar and Uber are available in Bali but their services are prohibited in most areas. We once used Grab but the driver got chased away by a local taxi driver when he arrived. Poor thing…

#2  Food

IMG_0188 (2).JPG
Bebek Itik

Bali is known for its Babi Guling (Suckling Pig) and Bebek Itik (Fried Smoked Duck). We only got to try the duck and it was very nice. It is a crispy fried duck marinated with local seasonings and smoked for 24 hours.

I also like their Tahu Telor which is something crispy served with peanuts and spicy rojak sauce. Another thing I noticed is they are quite famous with their Avocado drinks which are quite refreshing. Avocado lovers can have a try.


There are also quite a few of nice western restaurants. The one we went is called Sisterfields which is owned by an Australian. It is nice to have toasts, sandwiches or burger once in a while. This restaurant is crowded most of the time but their services are pretty good.


For coffee lovers, I would NOT suggest franchise coffee shops like Starbucks as we went to several stores and the drinks did not taste great. Go to their local coffee shops instead.

#3 Beach



The only thing that makes me want to go back Bali are the beaches. The one we went was Pandawa Beach where you need to pay for an entrance fee of IDR 15,000 per person and IDR 5000 for the parking fee per car. The crystal clear water and clean white sand were absolutely breathtaking. Click here for more info.

#4  Shopping


We did not do a lot of shopping but the driver told us to bargain up to HALF price at those shopping markets or streets. So a tip for you guys.

#5 Sunrise and Sunset

Some people might think they are all the same everywhere but I personally think they are different as it gives different message and inspiration depending on who you are with, where you are and what you have been going through in life. Ahh… so sentimental…


Sunrise from our villa…


Many tourists visit Tanah Lot for the sunset but the sun was shy on the day when we were there…

Bali Essentials

#1  Earphone or Headphone

Although it is only a 3 hours flight from Kuala Lumpur, having your earphone to listen to podcast or your favourite songs definitely help you to pass your time quicker.

#2  Sunscreen


Being a skincare nerd, this is a must not just only for Bali but for anytime, anywhere. I discovered my two new favourites which are the Biore UV Anit-Pollution Body care Serum and Biore UV Spray. I would use the serum first and then top up with the spray throughout the day. Both are very cooling and non-sticky at all, perfect for a hot and humid weather.

For my face, I used my regular sun gel from Make P:rem.

#3  Cooling gel and sheet masks


Although I use sunscreen, I love to apply some cooling gel to sooth and calm my skin. The one that I have been loving is the Aloe Propolis Gel from Benton which was featured in my March Favourites. Sheet masks with cucumber, aloe, kelp or hyaluronic acid are good to cool and hydrate your skin after a hot day.

These also helped my acne breakouts during the trip. I would apply a thin layer of the gel after cleansing, toner and essence and left it on for few minutes before applying my moisturiser. You can skip the moisturiser step if you think the gel is enough for you.

If you get under the sun a lot, an after-sun cooling aloe gel for body use is good for relieving sunburns.

#4  Anti-mosquito repellent or patches


I personally did not have troubles with mosquito bites while I was there but mosquito repellent and patches worked wonders who wanted to get away with mosquito bites.

#5  Portable electric fans


These are so much better than paper fans and now they do rechargeable ones too! For those macho lads out there, you can opt this out… haha!

Overall, despite the horrible road traffic experience, I had a very nice and chill time in Bali with my family. Food and goods in Bali are not very cheap to be honest unless you know where to go and what to buy. I would like to once congratulate my sister on her wedding and wish the both of you a blissful and blessed marriage.


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If you have any questions, like, if Bali is more suitable for family, friends or couples (someone actually asked), feel free to comment below. Thank you for reading! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Bali Travel & Essentials

  1. Thanks for the useful tips! Especially the one with looking at the taxi meter before departure! And I will never look at sunset the same again 😉 Do you have any must see in Bali that you would recommend?

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