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February Favourites 2018

Hello peeps! Did you have a great month in February? For those who celebrated Chinese New Year, hope you enjoyed spending time with your family and friends and also not to forget all the CNY foodies. In this post, I will be sharing my favourites, stuff that I have been loving for the past month. It is not a review so I will not go into exhaustive detail about the products.


Huxley’s Secret of Sahara Oil Essence, 30ml



I have been using this since end of January and it is my first product from Huxley. Initially, I was a bit sceptical as I do not really like oil products on my face due to its texture and how my skin would feel. Second thing is it contains fragrance which is not very good for sensitive skin. No kidding, it has a strong flower-ish and aloe-ish scent. Nevertheless, due to the big rave from beauty bloggers and youtubers who have dry skin and it was on sale on Hermo, I decided to give it a try. So far, it has been doing a good job in hydrating my skin. The lightweight texture is quite interesting for an essence. I use this in the morning and am almost halfway through the bottle.


I bought quite a few makeup products in February and here are the products I love and do not cause any breakouts.

COSRX Clear Fit Blemish Cushion #23, SPF 47/PA++, 15g



Aaahh, another COSRX product that I love! It has medium coverage but the coverage is buildable as you apply more. It contains centella asiatica leaf extract, tea tree oil and niacinamide which are great for troubled skin. Thus, it does not only cover my pimples but it also soothes and heals them. I do not need my concealer with this. Plus, it has high SPF to protect skin from sun damage. I got this from wakobeauty in Shopee. For now, this is my second favourite cushion foundation out of the fews I own. Checkout my full review here.

Too Cool for School Art Class by Rodin Shading, 9.5g [Jolse]



I do not like how my face turned out to be flat and white in pictures so I have been learning about contouring. I read reviews that this is a good one for beginners so I decided to purchase it. My first impression was it is not very pigmented and I needed to pick up more product with my brush but because I go for natural makeup so this is good for me. Besides, it does not cause any breakouts which is a miracle as I have sensitive skin!

Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Pact [Jolse]



Although I have dry skin, due to the humid and hot weather in Malaysia, my nose and forehead area will tend to get oily. I own the powder version too but I left it in UK. Since this is more travel friendly so I decided to go with this. It controls sebum production and gives a natural look even though it is a white powder (oxidises after a while). I love both powder and pact version as they set my foundation well.


No Brand Purple Sweet Potato Chips


What can I say… It’s purple sweet potato and chips! Both my favourite things. I think this is my 4th purchase and my parents love them too. It does not give you that MSG aftermath like dizziness and that “thick” feeling in the mouth which I hate. For those who live in Sibu, you can find this in Ta Kiong for RM 9.60.

Matcha Green Tea


I am quite picky when it comes to tea as I do not like those that dry my throat after drinking. My sister bought this from Japan and I love it! Great aroma, great taste. This gives your drink a bright dark green colour, unlike some that give you muddy brownish green tea. I think this is my favourite green tea brand so far. Not sure if I can find this in Malaysia but I heard Singapore does sell them.


Bad boy by Red Velvet

Love scenario by iKON

Safe by Moira Dela Torre feat. Upper Room Worship MNL


The LORD gives strength to his people; the LORD blesses his people with peace. – Psalm 29:11

There you go, my February favourites! Hope you enjoy reading as I was quite hesitant whether I should do monthly favourites. Do leave a comment below if you have any questions or feedback and wishing you a fruitful month ahead. 🍓

Thank you for reading!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored blog post. All products mentioned in this blog were purchased by my own money and reviews are based on my honest opinions. Links provided are non-affiliated unless stated otherwise. I hold full copyrights of the contents and images in this blog.


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